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About Us

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Bhuania Market has treaded in the market place with a single Agenda-“BUSINESS CONVENIENCE for a BUSINESSMAN”. Bhuania Market is emerging as one and only Indian Groceries Wholesale Suppliers in the Wholesale Grocery as well as Wholesale Supermarket. Bhuania Market of Bhuania Retails Pvt.Ltd. understands the age-old problems of a traditional wholesale business in operating every service to meet the growth and profit of the respective wholesale distributor .To facilitate this operational activity of Wholesale Delivery Service in West Bengal with more convenience and a systematic modern distribution system, Bhuania Market has brought a revolutionary change for the wholesale as well as the retail business. Bhuania Market has always been the friend of wholesale grocery distributors. At Bhuania Retails Pvt.Ltd. even a shopkeeper of kirana wholesale is offered with all convenience to run his trade in kirana wholesale market with strong support and on-time relevant wholesale grocery delivery to the local customers.

Our endeavor is to address the issues of every retailer with our discrete services which are   specifically designed to convert the issues into opportunity with one point solution as the one and only facilitator of the retailing business in Kolkata.

Bhuania Market
Distribution Service

Our first service is BHUANIA MARKET DISTRIBUTION to address the day to day issues of RETAILERS FRIENDS in the market place. This is the key area of the soceity because their customers are the end users. The market survey speaks our retailer friends invests invaluable business hours to gather thousands of items from different suppliers to maintain the inventories of their stores. Every time they don’t get the favorable rate to protect their Profit. BHUANIA MARKET DISTRIBUTION will be one point solution for all the products/ Brands for the Retailers. The USP (Unique selling points) of Bhuania would be to offer the best price with time to time trade offer. The order will be entertained and will be delivered by Bhuania – Direct at their door steps. Moreover, we will extend the membership card to Retailers. Retailers can enjoy the credit facility and many more services once they avail the membership.

Bhuania Market Modern
Trade Service

Our second Service is BHUANIA – Modern Trade. This will be the Bhuania Retail stores in the prime location of the town. This stores will be the paradise for the shopping of the end users. We assure the end users the best quality brands with reasonable price and from time to time lucrative trade offer. Apart from this it is our pledge to offer a very congenial atmosphere to the customers for a hassle free shopping. The Retailers also most welcome to purchase from here on wholesale’s price.

Bhuania Market Online

This is a unique option for the customers to feed their instant requirement of products. Our WhatsApp number +919330547701 also available to collect the direct orders and enquiry. In future any customer can go to the website and use the app to place the order. We promise your sales will not suffer for the dearth of stocks once you become a member of Bhuania Market.

Two more services are in the pipeline. One is BHUANIA DIGITALS and the other is BHUANIA FOODIES. PERFORMANCE is the last word for Bhuania Retails Pvt Limited, but we will never compromise with the lay down core Values of the organization. Our heart is HEART.

H-Honesty E-Effectiveness A-Accountability R-Respect for people T-Time Management

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people.” That’s aspirational, short and to the point. More than that, it sets the tone for the company and makes it clear that they’re in the market to offer creativity/Innovation to bring a real paradigm shift with a time frame of 3 years. Bhunia market will definitely create a sensation in the market place among the grocery wholesalers  and retailers.

Mission Statement

A company thrives when it pleases its customers, its employees, its partners, and its investors — and Bhuania Retail pvt limited endeavors to do just that, As a market oriented Retail service provider, it specifically strives to please its Retailers, end users, Vendors and Suppliers, employees, investors and Franchise operators. We love the emphasis on each facet of the organization without compromising the lay down and well defined core values.

GM’S Message

Thank you for visiting website. We are very excited to launch this newly designed website to expedite the service provided to all the retailers. This will be our continued efforts to provide information to the community in most transparent and effective way. Here you will find a host of information about the BHUANIA MARKET , a  prestigious brand of BHUANIA RETAILS PVT LTD.

Bhuania Retails private limited is a pioneer company to sell the newer thoughts and innovative ideas of marketing various products of popular brands. We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our emphasis has always been on our instant delivery and proper service to all Bhuania members. Nothing can be achieved without  the valuable support and tireless effort of a talented and efficient staff  of Bhuania family.

We have endeavored to make this site easy to navigate and access friendly to meet all the requirements  of an individual. The menu links above are designed to provide you with comprehensive answers to questions you might have regarding our services. This website is a unique opportunity for our business partners. Those who want to link up as Franchise and Vendors can easily access through our web site for more information.

Last but not the least that we will always think to improve our business processes, with all your valid suggestions . Your feedback is the only key to reach the zenith of our success. For any queries and to serve better,I invite you to contact at our corporate office.

Respectfully, GM General Manager